Avengers Infinity War: Who Will Die in the Movie and What are Infinity Stones

Avengers Infinity War is world’s most awaited film. With the release of films’ trailer there were speculations about the films’ climax and who will die in the end.

From the Iron Man to Captain America, Thor, Hulk and so on, people will continue to do so until the film releases on April 27. Robert Downey Jr who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man and Chris Evans who plays Steve Rogers/Captain America both are run out of contracts with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iron Man-

But, there is no way that these two characters will die soon. As Iron Man is Marvel’s biggest success and he also appears in most of the individual MCU films.

Captain America-

Well, now coming to Captain America, the last film made over a billion dollars so after Tony Stark, Captain has become the second most beloved character for Marvel.

Marvel Studios is in the business of making money and not just to serve a dramatic narrative only.

Avengers Infinity War- Who will die in the film
Avengers Infinity War- Who will die in the film


In any of the trailers or posters didn’t show Hawkeye. Seems like Marvel is hiding him for important reason.

What if Hawkeye dies?

He is one of the founding members of the team and loved by all, his death will make the dangers as real as it can get.


Vision in an easy call. From the trailer, we have seen that Thanos pulls out the mind stone from Vision’s head. He is never going to have a solo movie. Vision’s death will make an emotional impact on Tony Stark (because he created Vision), Scarlett Witch (they are lovers) and Captain America, because he really cares for everyone.


With the death of Vision, his lover Scarlett Witch will be in severe pain which will be unbearable for Captain America. Well, due to this, Witch might get made to create havoc that will help to defeat Thanos.

Here is the description and the last known location of all the Infinity Stones:

Space Stone (Tesseract)-

From the Captain America: the First Avenger and The Avengers film, we know the tesseract is a blue stone with the ability to teleport anything from one point in the universe to the other.

Thor took it back to Asgard but in Thor: Ragnarok film, Loki took it from Odi’s trophy room.

Reality Stone-

This stone has appeared in Thor: The Dark World film. At the end of the film, it was with the Collector for its safety. Thanos may kill him to claim it.

Power Stone-

This stone shoots beams of raw energy which can potentially consume entire planets. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, this Power tone was with Nova Corps in the Planet Xandar.

In Infinity War, Thanos already has it, so he presumably annihilated everyone on Xandar to take it.

Mind Stone-

The mind stone lets it owner control the minds of the others. It also gave life to Vision on whose head this stone currently resides.

Soul Stone-

Well, the soul stone’s location is not known. Directors have teased its appearance in the upcoming film this stone can trap souls inside another world.

Time Stone-

Doctor Strange fame Time Stone was first spotted inside Kamar- Taj under the care of the Ancient One. Doctor Strange uses it in the final act of the film to save the world from Dormammu and his Dark Dimension.

Avengers Infinity War: Who Will Die in the Movie and What are Infinity Stones
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Avengers Infinity War: Who Will Die in the Movie and What are Infinity Stones

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