MIG-27 Fighter Aircraft in Rajkot: IAF Allots to RMC for Permanent Display

Here comes a great news for Rajkotians and also for Gujarati people. Finally, a decommissioned 33-years-old Russian made MIG-27 Fighter Aircraft of the Indian Air Force has arrived in Rajkot.

Rajkot Municipal Corporation becomes first Municipal Corpo. Of India to get allotted MIG-27 aircraft. RMC will install this MIG-27 fighter aircraft at the Kotecha Circle on Kalawad Road.

RMC Commissioned Shri Banchhanidhi Pani said, “The motive behind installing the fighter aircraft is to encourage, motivate and inspire the youths to join Air Force.”

Indian Air Force (IAF) allotted MIG-27 fighter aircraft to Rajkot for permanent display at the Kotecha Chowk.

RMC officers revealed that fuselage and wings of MIG-27 aircraft were transported to Rajkot from Jodhpur, Rajasthan airbase in a truck. It is unloaded at the fire station on Nirmala Convent Road.

MIG-27 Fighter Aircraft in Rajkot
MIG-27 Fighter Aircraft in Rajkot

Rajkot Commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani said, “We had approached the Ministry of Defence (MoD) around a year ago with a request to allot a fighter plane to RMC. We pursued the matter with the Ministry subsequently and the IAF allotted us a MIG-27 fighter aircraft for installation.”

In 1984, India acquired this MIG-27 jet from Russia and it had served in Kargil war of 1999. The jet had a total of 1800 flight hours in service.

Indian Air Force technicians’ team will reassemble the plane at the fire station, also make a fresh paint and help install it at the Kotecha Chowk. For the MIG plane installation, RMC redesigned Kotecha circle. RMC will complete installation of MIG-27 at Kotecha Chowk by Sunday evening, 15 October 2017.

Earlier, Gujarat state capital Gandhinagar and Dhrangadhra town in Surendranagar district have a fighter aircraft as installation in public place. So Rajkot is the third city in Gujarat to have such installation.

General characteristics of MIG 27 ML:

This is the first aircraft of MIG 27 range in the world by Russia, which was manufactured by Mikoyan and Gurevich.

MIG 27 was last used during Kargil War.

Top speed: 2082.575 Km/Hrs (1.7 Mach)

Take off speed: 260 Km/Hrs.

Landing speed: 260 Km/Hrs.

Armament load capacity: 8 Bombs of 500 Kg each, 80 Rockets of 80 MM each, 128 Rockets of 57 MM each and with 260 round gun capacity.

So, it is proud moment for people of Rajkot….

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