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How to Read WhatsApp Message if Sender Deletes: How Recipient Can Read It

How to read WhatsApp Messages if Sender Deletes it
Written by Team Maffat

Recently WhatsApp rolled out its latest update of ‘Delete for Everyone’. It could be your saving grace as you wished you had not sent that text to the person.

Well, if the recipient is little bit tech-savvy then he/she can still read your sent message which you deleted later.

When you delete the message with ‘Delete for everyone’ option, it may delete from your WhatsApp log. But they are still there somewhere in the notification log of the receiver’s smartphone. So it can be easily accessed.

As per some blogs, the deleted WhatsApp messages are actually present in the notification log of the device and recipient can still read it.

Here’s how you can read the deleted WhatsApp messages:

Anyone can access to the deleted WhatsApp messages via third party apps. The application – Notification History is on Google Play store.

After installing it, if you want to find the message that was sent but later deleted by sender, you need to open it.

Head over to the Android notification log section. You can read the deleted messages but still some limitations are there.

How to read WhatsApp Messages if Sender Deletes it

How to read WhatsApp Messages if Sender Deletes it

This app works only on Android phones and allows you to read only first 100 characters.

The app does save the deleted WhatsApp messages in its notification log. You may lose these messages if you restart your phone as the log is refreshed.

Notification History app works well only on Android 7.0 Nougat devices. And you can only retrieve text messages, not media files.

iOS WhatsApp users will not be able to read the WhatsApp messages once deleted.

This is one way to read the deleted WhatsApp messages.

If you are using Nova Launcher, then also you can retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp.

For Nova launcher user, long press the home screen, then click Widgets > Activities > Settings > notification log.

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