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How to Claim Insurance if Car is Damaged in Rain/Floods

how to claim insurance if car damaged in floods
Written by Team Maffat

This year monsoon season is going very strong around the world. In India, probably every state faced heavy rain and floods. Due to heavy rain and flood, the cars and other vehicles got damaged in one or other ways.

So after getting over with floods, the car owner can claim for insurance cover for any kind of damage that caused due to rain or flood. So here read out complete details in which situation and how can you claim your car insurance.

Your car might be submerged in the floods. Insurance companies are bracing for 10-year-high claims but it doesn’t mean you get complete amount for your damages.

Some Damages are not Claimable

There are terms and conditions and criteria for auto insurance. Generally, water enters the engine through hydraulic lock is the most common car damage in flood. But this damage is not covered under a standard insurance policy. As companies are calling it as a mechanical or electric breakdown.

If the break system is failed, the claim can be passed but the company makes sure that this damage is caused by flood water. Again, while the insurer may be happy to pay for cleaning of interiors and upholstery, the rules for complete replacement

how to claim insurance if car damaged in floods

how to claim insurance if car damaged in floods

If Car is Complete loss

When your car or vehicle completely lost, it will be considered as ‘complete loss’ and the full insured declared value can be claimed.

If your car is not under complete loss, then you can get a refund for repair.

Engine Damage in floods-

Most common problem with vehicles in floods are engine fully or partially damaged. But regular motor insurance policy doesn’t cover it.

If you have add-on engine protector cover and you are driving through flooded area, then you get refunds.

Factors involved for car insurance claim

The insurance premium depends on the car’s age, making, model and cubic capacity. It costs Rs 1500 more for mid-segment car. If you had chose to buy this rider, the claim will be passed after multiple reviews.

Interiors and upholstery damage

If your car is submerged in water for few days, then its interiors and upholstery will surely be damaged.  Insurance policy covers cleaning of the interior and upholstery but there is a depreciation attached if it needs replacement.

The rate of depreciation for rubber, nylon or plastic parts, tubes, batteries and airbags is 50 per cent. Tyre damage is also only 50 percent. For glass, it is zero. So, if you had to break a window when the locks were stuck due to a short circuit, you’ll be fully repaid.

External impact damages

If car gets external damage due to falling of trees or collapsing walls, then you can get your claim.


Fittings and consumables-

If car AC is factory fitted and get damaged, then only you get the claim. Same applies for additional fittings like music system, CNG kit, etc.

Nuts, bolts, screw, washers, grease, lubricant, bearings, distilled water, engine oil, fuel filter, break oil and others are not covered under standard insurance policy.

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