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How to Make Lips Pink Naturally – Home Remedies and Tips


Your lips complete the beauty of your face. It’s all about your lips which give you a beautiful smile.

When your lips get darken due to low blood circulation or stress or excessive smoking or whatever, the effect is not irreversible. You need to take consistent care of your lip to make it pink or glossy and soft.

People with light skin complexion have naturally less melanin in their skin which gives them pinkish or reddish lips.

How to avoid blackening or darkening of Lips:

Eliminate smoking completely. It makes your lips darken.

Excessive tea and coffee also darken your lips. Restrict yourself to wo cups a day.

Prefer to use lip balms with SPF content so that it protects lips from harmful sun rays.

Remove dead skin layers from the lips due to tanning or dullness.

how to avoid darkening of lips
how to avoid darkening of lips

How to Make Lips Pink Naturally:

-Apply beetroot juice on lips a night. It will give you a reddish pink stain next day.

-Crush rose petals and mix it with fresh cream. Apply it on lips to make your lips soft and pink. You can also dip a cotton ball in rosewater and apply it over lips.

– take a menthol based lip balm and apply it on lips. After 5 minutes, take a wet and soft bristled toothbrush. Exfoliate lips with it softly.

– apply vitamin E capsule on lips at night. You can mix vitamin E oil with Vaseline to make a lip balm.

If your lips are pale colored, take iron supplements as it may be due to anaemic. Iron supplements will give rosy lips.

-Apply fresh mint juice or coriander juice regularly. It will make lips reddish and smooth.

-Mix lemon juice and glycerin. Apply it on lips before bedtime. Lemon’s lightening properties and glycerin’s moisturization helps to remove tan and make lips pink and soft.

– grate a coconut and take out its milk. Apply it on lips for smoothness.

– Eat cucumber and carrots for smoothness and lighter tone of lips.

– mix a turmeric powder into 1 tsp of cold milk cream. Massage it on lips for 5 minutes daily. It will give you pink lips.

– Add lemon juice in a honey. Apply it at night before sleeping. Lemon lightens the skin tone and takes off tan and honey provides nourishment.

– cut a lemon wedge and sprinkle powdered sugar on it. Rub it over lips gently. It will exfoliate lips and give smoothness and reddish look.

Mix gram flour, honey, yogurt and lemon juice. Apply this paste on lips regularly for pink lips naturally.

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how to get pink lips naturally at home. here are some tips and home remedies to make your lips smooth, pink and soft within few minutes.

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