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Janmashtami 2017 Date: Gokulashtami Puja Muhurat Fast and Rituals


Lord Krishna Janmashtami is one of most celebrated festivals in India. It is also known as Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti and Sree Jayanthi. On this auspicious day, people celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday.

Janmashtami celebrates the incarnation of goodness on earth in the form of Lord Krishna. Krishna is the synonym of ‘enchanter’. Lord Krishna is the most loved god in the Hindu mythologies.

Janmashtami/Gokulashtami 2017 Date:

14 August 2017, Monday

Nishita Puja Time = 24:04+ to 24:48+ (43 Mins)

Mid Night Moment: 24:26+

On 15th, Parana Time: After 17:39

On Parana Day Ashtami Tithi End Time: 17:39

For Vaishnav people 15 August 2017, Tuesday

For Vaishnava Janmashtami Next Day Parana Time: 05:55 (After Sunrise)

On Parana Day Ashtami got over before Sunrise

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2017
Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2017


When is Janmashtami/Gokulashtami Celebrated? :

Krushn Paksha Ashtami of Hindu month of Shravan

It will be 5244th birthday of Lord Krishna. Every year Hindu people celebrates Krishna Janmashtami. Lord Krishna is a Hindu God who was born on the earth as a human being to save the life of people. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami of Krishna paksh in Shravan month. His favourite things include flute and a peacock wing on his head. Lord Krishna’s love story with Radha and his Rasleela with Gopis are very famous.

Generally, people are having a fast on the day of Gokulashtami. At midnight, people go to take blessings of Lord Krishna and celebrate his birthday. Then on the next day of ‘parana’, they break the fast.

On the Parana day, people also celebrates ‘Dahi Handi’.

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration:

Devotees of Lord Krishna decorates ‘jhula’ in their home and temples with flowers and toys and other things to celebrate Kanha’s birth. In Dahi Handi people tie ‘matki’ of Dahi on a high level. Generally, a littly boy is decorated as Lord Krishna for Rasleela and Dahi Handi.

Janmashtami Celebration in Mathura:

Mathura in UP is the birth place of Lord Krishna. People let bath to infant Krishna’s statue and then decorate and offer Chhappan Bhog. After complete Puja, they distribute the Prasad among devotees. Whole city is decorated with flowers, lights and other things.

They also make a grand preparation for Jhanki where everyone enjoys it.

Janmashtami Celebration in Dwarka:

Lord Krishna was the King of Dwarka. In Dwarka, Gujarat people organizes dahi-handi. Also devotees from around the country comes to Dwarka. Also people makes delicious items and it is like a celebration. In Saurashtra region of Gujarat, there is a fun fair in every city,

Krishna’s birthday celebration is also a part of many Indian films. Films have given many popular songs for Krishna Janmastami.

“Nand Gher Anand Bhaio, Jay Kaanha Laal Ki”

Jay Shree Krishna…Happy Janmashtami…

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Lord Krishna Janmashtami is one of most celebrated festivals in India. this year Janmashtami date is 14 August 2017 and for Vaishnav, it will be on 15 August 2017.

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