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PM Narendra Modi Fitness and Daily Routine with Photos

PM Narendra Modi Fitness Mantra and Daily Routine
Written by Team Maffat

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi successfully completed 3 years in office on 26 May 2017. In these 3 years of work time, PM Modi has never taken a single holiday and also never took any sick leave.

At the age of 66 years, PM Narendra Modi is having energy like a youngster and we never see tiredness on his face. He is one of the most admired personalities across the world. With some amazing work as the prime minister, he caught our attention for his fitness and personality.

Despite of so many International tours without break and managing country like India, PM Narendra Modi never complained about any illness and remained healthy.

So here check out PM Modi’s daily routine and schedule and also his fitness mantra…

Every day, at 4 am he wakes up. After waking up, he never gets into the bed till night. He completes his daily course and then go for exercise.

PM Modi performs Suryanamaskar, Pranayam and Yoga which keeps him fit and fine. After that he takes special ginger tea with some breakfast.

After having breakfast, PM reads all positive and negative news related to him in newspapers. He prefers reading English and Gujarati newspaper.

At 9 am sharp, he always reaches office and goes by walk. Unlike other Prime Ministers who were working from home, PM Narendra Modi always works from his office. Modi arranges meeting and checking reports only at office.

PM Modi takes his lunch by 11:30 pm. He prefers to have Gujarati and sometimes south Indian foods like Khichdi, Kadhi, Upma, Bhakhri, Idli and more. Since Gujarat time, Modi is having his own cook, Badri Meena. PM takes his cook with him in abroad as well.

After lunch, he continues his work in the office till the evening. Every day PM Modi works for 14 hours in his office.

10 pm is a dinner time for PM Modi. He takes dinner while watching tv. He also watches debates on some news channel. Then he checks mails and also replies to each of them.

Generally, PM Narendra Modi prefers to call his near and dear ones from his side. And after calling, he goes to bed at 1 am. He hardly takes 3 to 4 hours sleep.

As being busy for more than 14 hours in a work, PM Modi finds time hardly to read. But as he likes to read a lot, whenever he gets time, he reads books. He even reads many spiritual books.

PM Narendra Modi Fitness Mantra:

Waking up early in the morning is beneficial for physical and mental health. As PM Modi wakes at 4 am, and performs exercise as well, he is having very good fitness.

PM Modi also takes lemonade in the morning and always drinks warm water whole day. So it keeps him refreshed and energized.

Despite being workaholic, PM never skips Yoga. He performs yoga for an hour daily. Even he also never skips his meditation session. With meditation, Modi can stay stress free.

PM Modi had said doctors tell me to sleep for 5 hours but I sleep for max. 3-4 hours and still I get a good sleep.

Whenever Modi feel tired, he practices deep breathing. It keeps his refreshed.

PM Narendra Modi Diet:

PM Modi is a strict vegetarian. With veg. diet, he can improve his energy, endurance and also lowers risk of diabetes. PM Modi avoids fast food and he take snacks like idli, dosa, poha and more.

Indian Prime Minister prefers lemonade every day so it may be the reason behind his glowing skin.

PM Modi had said, “Those who work in public life, their lives are very irregular. He needs to have a tough stomach. For 35 years, I had to seek food and ate whatever I got. I never asked people to cook something special for me. I like Khichdi very much. But then, I eat whatever I get. I want my health to be such that it won’t be a burden for the nation. Till my last breath I want to remain a healthy human being.”

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi successfully completed 3 years in office on 26 May 2017. In these 3 years of work time, PM Modi has never taken a single holiday and also never took any sick leave

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