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15 Life Hacks of Lemon- Why Lemon is Most Useful Thing

15 Life Hacks of Lemon
Written by Team Maffat

Every day we are facing many ordinary issues for which we don’t know that it can be solved at home. And probably there are lots of ordinary things in our home which can be very helpful in a crucial situation.

You just need to know the correct way to use them. So here we are sharing 15 life hacks of Lemon. Lemon is one of the most common substance. So it will help you to solve many problems.

Make Cleaner Liquid at Home-

Many times we are in need of a cleaner to remove stains from various surfaces. So you can make your own cleaner at home with Lemon.

Take one lemon and peel it. Then pour 150 ml Vinegar over it and leave it overnight. Then in morning, add 150 ml of water into the mixture. Fill up the spray bottle with it and use it as natural cleansing liquid on any surface.

Keep White Color Brightening-

We love to wear white clothes but also feels insecure about stains on it. So keep your clothes white or if white color has become dull, then soak it in a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda for minimum 30 minutes. Then wash it.

Lemon Uses in Daily Routine

Lemon Uses in Daily Routine


To retain the beauty of your hand or to clean your hand, take a warm water and add few drops of lemon juice to it. This mixture gives your nail a strong and healthy look.

Getting rid of marks-

Probably everyone is tired of pimples and other patches on the skin. Lemon is also helpful for it. Lemon help to lighten the unwanted spots or age spots.

For getting rid of marks on face, slice a lemon and gently rub it across the face. Regular use will reduce the spots.

For Good Digestion-

In a morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm water added with lemon and honey improves your digestion and boost your immune system.

Setting a table properly-

When you have some special guests at home for lunch or dinner, it would be nice to provide finger bowls filled with lemon water for washing fingers.

Refresh the Appliances-

Wipe out your fridge with a lemon juice soaked sponge. It will remove unpleasant smells. Lemon is also used to make homemade air freshener.

Add lemon juice to the dishwasher when it is empty and let it run a cycle. You can use it as an air freshener.

Uses of Lemon in Day to day life

Uses of Lemon in Day to day life

For Growing Sprouts-

Squeeze the lemon and put the sprout seed into the lemon half. Then plant this seedling in ground along with lemon pot. It will help to grow your sprouts fast.

Getting rid of shoe odors-

Many times when you remove your shoes, it spreads an unpleasant smell and it creates embarrassment. So to get rid of odors, leave a fresh lemon peel in the shoes overnight. It will absorb the odors.

Making candle holders-

Even you can use the lemon for making a candle holder. Halves of lemon and also orange are used for making unique candle holders.

For making candle holder, remove the pulp from the half and fill it with melted wax. Also put candle wick. You can use it also with gluing it to the bottom of candle holder.

Improving your Health-

Lemon Juice added with baking soda helps to regulate the bad cholesterol, purifies liver and also gives vitamin C.

Take a glass of water in the morning. Add a juice of half lemon and teaspoon of baking soda. Take it regularly for two weeks. It will improve your overall health.

Cleaning stainless Steel Products-

To clean the stainless steel products, use lemon peels and baking soda to clean it. It will help to retain the shine of products.

Removing Stains-

It happens many time when we are making something and it stains our hands. So lemon juice will help to remove that color from the skin. If stains are on the clothes, then you need to wash it in cold water and then soak your clothes in lemon juice for few minutes.

Getting Rid of Insects-

To keep ants and mosquitos away from your house, pour a little lemon juice on the window sills and doorways. To get rid of mosquitoes, cut the lemon in half and stick cloves into it.

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here we are sharing 15 life hacks of Lemon. Lemon is one of the most common substance. So it will help you to solve many problems.

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