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9 Ways to Use Mint Leaves for Your Beauty: Try Our Best Tips

9 Ways to use Mint Leaves for Beauty treatment
Written by Team Maffat

Mint Leave is used for many purposes in your kitchen. But apart from Kitchen use, Mint has much more benefits for your beauty. It has lots of benefits for your skin and hair and more.

Mint is a precious element of mother nature which is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant properties. It has vitamin A, C and B Complex. Mint leaves are natural cleanser.

Vitamin A helps to reduce excess oil from the skin while vitamin B Complex gives shine to the skin with cleansing. In the summer season, we are getting mint leaves in a bulk amount in the market.

So here check out some very important tips for using Mint leaves for your beauty treatment.

Tight Pores-

A fresh, green leaves of mint help to tighten the skin pores due to its astringent property. Mint leaves cleanses your skin and make it firm.

For Tightening Skin Pores, Crush some mint leaves and blend it with honey. Now apply this paste over the affected area or complete face and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it with water. It will tight your pores.

Acne Treatment-

Mint is full of salicylic acid and it helps the best for acne treatment. If you are irritated with blackheads, then mint is also useful. Many people are using neem leaves for blackheads and acne but mint leaves are more effective.

For Acne Treatment, grind mint leaves and apple the paste on the affected areas. Let it dry and then wash it. If you have stubborn acne then leave it overnight. It will surely help you in reducing the size of pimples.

Glowing skin

As we said Mint is rich source of antioxidants and vitamin A and C. So Vitamin A and C help in reducing skin redness and improves skin tone. Mint leaves helps in brightening the skin as it contains vitamin B complex.

For glowing skin, crush mint leaves and mix it with besan and yogurt. Apply this paste on face and neck area. After 15-20 minutes, wash it with lukewarm water or cold water.

Mint leaves for glowing skin

Mint leaves for glowing skin

Skin exfoliation-

Mint leaves are great exfoliator. It cleanses your skin and improve skin texture also.

For skin exfoliation, grind some mint leaves and mix with oats and rose water. Make a thick paste and apply over the face. It will exfoliate all dead cells and also removes acne scars.

Fade acne scars-

Mint leaves are astringent and anti-inflammatory rich. It helps to reduce acne scars and redness of pimples.

For fade acne scars, grind some mint leaves and add some rose water to it. Apply it over the affected areas and leave it for 20 minutes. It will help to make your skin clear.

Skin Toning-

Mint leaves are rich in various nutrients which tones the skin. Mint leaves help to reduce skin redness, blemishes and acne scars.

For skin Toning, boil 2 cups of water and a cup of mint leaves in it. Cover the mixture until the water cools down by itself. Then fill up a spray bottle with that mixture and keep it in the fridge. Whenever you want, use it and use it within a week.

Dark Circles-

Mint leaves are rich in vitamin B which helps in improving skin complexion. It also helps in treatment for dark circles and puffy eyes. It also helps to brighten up the dull area under eye.

For Dark Circles, make a paste of mint leaves and add some rose water. Keep it in refrigerator and let it cool. Then apply it with cotton over dark circles.

For dandruff issues-

Mint is having property of anti-fungal so it helps in treatment for dandruff. It makes your scalp free of dandruff and itchiness. With making hair follicles healthy, it makes the hair to grow healthier.

For Dandruff, grind some mint leaves and add any carrier oil. Apply it over the scalp and wash it off after one hour. It will cleanse your scalp.

Soften your Feet-

For cracked heel and making your feet soft, mint leaves can become a useful remedy.

For Softening your feet, boil some mint leaves in water. When you feel the water temperature bearable for the skin, then soak your feet in for 20 minutes. After that clean it. It will make your feet soft.  

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Mint Leave is used for many purposes in your kitchen. But apart from Kitchen use, Mint has much more benefits for your beauty. It has lots of benefits for your skin and hair and more.

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