Valentine Week 2017 List: Latest Valentines’ Day Gifts for GF or BF

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Every year, world celebrates Valentine’s day on 14th February. It is a celebration of love. Valentine’s day is celebrated to represent you love to your loved ones.

Valentine Day is celebrated in remembrance of Saint Valentine. Love is said to be the best feeling in the world. On this day every person gets chance to represent their love towards their beloved one. Valentines’ Day is celebrated all over the world and in some countries of the world there is holiday on this day.

Nowadays people are celebrating a week of Valentine. From 7th February, people are celebrating each day with its special celebration. This year, 2017, Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday.

Here we have a list of special day celebration during Valentine Week 2017. Also one need to check out for latest popular and lovely gift for his or her partner.

Valentine Day 2017 Date:

14th February 2017, Tuesday


Valentine Week 2017 List:

Rose Day- 7th February 2017, Tuesday

Propose Day- 8th February 2017, Wednesday

Chocolate Day- 9th February 2017, Thursday

Teddy Day- 10th February 2017, Friday

Promise Day- 11th February 2017, Saturday

Hug Day- 12th February 2017, Sunday

Kiss Day- 13th February 2017, Monday

Valentine’s Day- 14th February 2017, Tuesday

Once again the season of love is nearby.

Valentine Week List 2017 begins from Seventh February and finishes on 14th February. Youthful mates praise bunches of occasions including Rose Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and so forth.

Happy Valentines Day 2017
Happy Valentines Day 2017

Well, Let’s Talk about Each Day of Valentine Week…

7th February is the Rose Day. So One should give a beautiful Rose to his/her partner. As Rose is a symbol of love, it creates energy and eagerness in your relations. So prepare with a rose and blessing it to your affection.

Then on 8th February is Propose Day. It is the second day of Valentine Week. If you are already having girlfriend or boyfriend, then surprise your partner with unique kind of propose. It will refresh your relationship. And if you are single and want to propose your affection, then you must be prepared with different kind of propose and express your feelings towards him/her.

On 9th February, it is a celebration of Chocolate Day. Chocolate bridges the couple in a romantic mood. Present the favourite chocolate to your partner and impress him/her. All Lovers Present their most loved chocolate to their affection and make him/her noteworthy on this Chocolate Day. Now people are also presenting pastry on the celebration of Chocolate day.

Then comes a Teddy Day. On 10th February, gift your loved ones a beautiful teddy. Especially girls love the teddy most. It is the cutest gift for your partner. We as a whole know females are enamored with teddy bears and some of despite everything them keep them in their rooms. Teddies are one of those adolescence recollections which a young lady esteems even in her adulthood.

Then on 11th February, there goes a Promise Day. On this day, just promise loyalty and happiness to your partner. It will energize your relation and love life. Trust, loyalty is the base of any relationship. And Happiness brings joy and energy to your relation. So go ahead and promise your partner to love him/her forever and loyally.

On 12th February, it is a Hug Day. This day is very special. As your Partner is expecting a warm and tight hug from you. A tight and warm hug expresses your feeling without uttering a single word. Generally, youth love this day and celebrate it fully.

After Hug Day, on 13th February there is a celebration of Kiss Day. It is one of the beautiful day of Valentine’s Week. Couple are representing their love and feelings with a passionate kiss.

Then finally, it is 14th February. So it’s a Valentine’s day. On this day all couples, girlfriends and boyfriends celebrates the Valentine’s Day. There are many party celebrations are also happening. Many couple go for lunch or dinner, or movie or long drive. While many are planning an amazing surprise for their partner.

Every day is a day of love or there is no need of special day for expressing your feeling or love towards your loved ones. But this Valentine’s day and week celebration brings joy, happiness and refreshment to your celebration.

So, plan your Valentine’s week celebration this year…

Share your Gift Ideas or Valentine Special Messages with us in comment…

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 in Advance…

Valentine Week 2017 List: Latest Valentines’ Day Gifts for GF or BF
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Valentine Week 2017 List: Latest Valentines’ Day Gifts for GF or BF
From 7th February, people are celebrating each day with its special celebration. This year, 2017, Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday. Gift something special to your partner
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