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In this fast moving world that we live in, the rate of progress far exceeds our brains retention capabilities. We forget how much our lives have changed in a span of a decade. Although floating cars and robot tutors are still not a reality, we’re not that far and that’s amazing! Education plays an important part in this technological progress and thus the field itself embraces and integrates technology within itself. E-learning is not a new concept but people can now be seen shifting from their NCERT books to tablets, everywhere. E-learning, though a great idea comes with a huge cost of content development. It wins in the long term due to its range of capabilities but a startup will have problems pertaining to the primary investment. To tackle this Lycan like problem, Artificial Intelligence will be the silver bullet.

Machine Learning is not Artificial Intelligence

A lot of confusion exists between machine learning and artificial intelligence. The huge companies use these words interchangeably but there are subtle differences between them and not one.

AI is defined by Google as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages”.

To explain these terms let’s use our imagination. Machine learning will be said to have been applied if the computer collects knowledge about insects and then works on refining it. The Artificial Intelligence portion will come in when the computer starts categorizing those insects based on their features and the knowledge it gained from machine learning. The categorization was done by AI whereas the research is done by the machine learning segment. Machine learning is like a book whereas Artificial Intelligence is edification the resultant of books.

What will e-learning gain from this classification?

The content that is created needs not be repurposed when dealing with artificial learning due to its capabilities to classify information precisely by the subjects. Although if organizations do not have such automated abilities it can be an enormously mind-numbing and time consuming job for them.

An artificial intelligence with its ability of deep learning and creating actual neural networks can be the solution to this problem. As discussed earlier, the classification and instructional design can be inproved significantly. Till now, only human resources are the one that are able to comprehend if two subjects have a topic that’s in common and this is a useful power to have. The entry of artificial intelligence into this section of education will not only help trim down the necessary human assets but also create brand new content in across subjects.

For instance, Optometry and Physics are two entirely diverse subjects but when it comes down to the basic concept of travelling light the two subjects overlap. If done by a human it would take a lot of time whereas machines practicing deep learning will have the capabilities to do the job proficiently and swiftly.

Application of Adaptive learning into Educative Environments

The education industry (let’s call an apple, apple) will receive artificial intelligence not only as a resource but guidance to a new type of edification, a new perspective.

Different students have different speeds and capabilities of dealing with educational content and most of our present education system serves one kind of audience. The fast learners move up and be meritorious whereas the one left behind, stay behind. With the help of artificial intelligence tutors or the intelligence itself will be able to tailor educative content to the speed and abilities of individual students. The challenge of providing equal opportunities to everyone based on their capabilities will not be difficult to achieve in this fashion. When the curriculum adjusts to the pace of the student’s individual capabilities it’s termed as adaptive learning.

Seclusion is not necessary in such situations now, as the student’s style will be adapted to by the AI and thus they can learn side by side each other. This will not only increase the performance of individual students but give a fair ground to those left behind.

Education is synonymous with dynamism as everything around us keeps changing and so does the instruction manual. An AI will be the best solution to such an industry which changes day to day. As the technology will progress, machines will be able to analyze and predict what kind of changes are necessary in the course and adapt to them. Edutech companies will benefit from such progress in technology.

The artificial intelligence will also be able to analyze the performance of students and then give recommendations based on the errors and mistakes they committed in the past. This interaction at a personalized level helps students get a clear understanding of where they went wrong. The education industry can save billions and trillion each year even if proper translation by an artificial intelligence exists.

At the final step, if an AI develops the capability to create content and tailor the courses and education according to every student’s personal needs education will become totally revolutionized. Thus we can safely say that as the technology increases and reaches the point that can it can afford to provide such services educational boards such as CBSE and ICSE will become a thing of tomorrow.

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