Women Scorers in India vs England Test in Rajkot 2016 – Set to Create History

India and England will play their first test match of the series in Rajkot. On 9th November 2016, India vs England test match will begin at Khandheri stadium in Rajkot. But this test match will have a unique record in the Indian cricket history.

For the very first time, there will be two women scorers in India vs England Test match in Rajkot. Rajkot women Hemali Desai and Sejal Dave will be the official BCCI Scorers for the first test match in Rajkot.

Hemali Desai and Sejal Dave would be the first women ever to do this crucial job. SCA honorary secretary Niranjan Shah said,

“This would be the first time ever in the history of Indian Test cricket that both women would be donning this extremely crucial role.”.

There are almost 8 to 10 women scorers in various states but this is the first time when both the scorers would be women. As women hardly get chance to play such a crucial role.

First Women Scorers in Test Matches in India:

Hemali Desai and Sejal Dave

Rajkot woman Hemali Desai had performed this job in first class matches as well as ODIs and IPL matched. But she never get a chance to be a scorer in Test match. Hemali is associated with Saurashtra Cricket Association as a scorer since 1994.

Women Scorers in India vs England test match in rajkot 2016
Women Scorers in India vs England test match in rajkot 2016

Hemali said, “We have covered other formats like first-class matches, one day internationals and IPL matches. But we are very excited to officiate in a Test match as BCCI scorers.”.

Even Hemali Desai is the only woman Duckwoth-Lewis method manager in BCCI. She is a former cricket coach.  Hemali Desai and Sejal Dave together have worked in almost 150 matches.

Partner of Hemali in India vs England test match, Sejal Dave is a former hockey player. Sejal Dave is MBA graduate from Rajkot’s Christ college. Sejal said, “We are rarely able to enjoy the matches. We have to watch every ball and movement of players and umpires’ signals. All focus is on numbers and there is no scope for error.”

A scorer in Cricket matches need to have a perfect coordination among themselves and also with umpires. As their minor error could mess up the things for the players.

While looking at the test match, India vs England test match will be the first ever test match in Rajkot. Both teams will arrive in Rajkot soon for practice session.

So, one more time, Women made us proud…


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