Indian Businessman Buys Rs 60 Crore Car Number for Rolls Royce in Dubai

Indian businessman Balwinder Sahani paid Rs. 60 Crore for a Dubai license plate for one of his Rolls Royce. According to the reports, Plate “D5” was sold at a government auction on Saturday, 8th October, 2016.

He said that, “I have collected 10 number plates so far and I am looking forward to having more. It’s a passion. This number will go to one of my Rolls-Royces.”

Businessman Balwinder Sahani, who owns a property management company, also purchased another plate for 1 million dirham. Sahani said that, “He bought the number plate O9 last year at an auction for 25 million dirhams.”

According to a Bloomberg report, In Dubai license plates with shorter numbers are auctioned as they are measured to be status symbol by the rich and wealthy. The highest paid amount for a number plate in the country was paid by a businessman Saeed Al Khouri, who bid over $140 million (52.2 million dirhams) back in 2008. He paid for the license plate number 1.

In Saturday’s auctions, over 80 number plates were auctioned. The bidding for ‘D5’ plate started at about $5.5 million (20 million dirhams) and the earnings of the sale will go to Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority.

Whatever, what can we say! Bade log badi baatein…

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