Surat Doctors Found New Blood Group in Gujarat

Surat Doctor has found a new blood group in India. The blood samples taken in a medical laboratory in Gujarat are completely unique. This blood samples are totally different from the existing blood groups of ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘AB’ and ‘O’.

Surat Doctors who found new blood group, named the blood group as ‘INRA’. The letters of this blood sample’s name shows India and remaining two letters shows the name of the person who was found with this unique blood samples.

According to reports, these blood samples have been certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). This unique blood sample was first verified at Surat’s Lok Samparn Raktdan laboratory. A team of doctors including of Dr. Sanmukh Joshi, Dr. Kinjal Mendpara and Dr. Ankita Sheldiya tested this blood sample.

The blood report ended up shocking result. After that the sample was later delivered to the WHO lab, which has validated the fact that it is a unique blood sample.

Surat Doctors found new blood group INRA
Surat Doctors found new blood group INRA

Generally, the blood groups of humans are classified in the four main categories of A, B, O, AB. But the unique blood sample has left the medical community of Surat in shock.

The doctors are also testing the blood group of his family members. This unique blood sample now termed as INRA. But the important thing is that the person with unique blood sample could neither donate his blood to another person nor his body accept blood from any person.

There are seven person found in the world who have unique blood sample that are not matching with any other blood group. Dr Sanmukh Joshi says these seven persons are included under the medical term called as ‘COLTOL’.

Apart from these unique 7 blood samples, there is also one ‘Bombay’ blood group, whose members are stated to be 1 in 7,000.

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