John Abraham Appointed as Arunachal Pradesh Brand Ambassador

Bollywood superstar John Abraham has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Arunachal Pradesh Tourism and John says that he has always been fascinated with Northeast India.

John also said, “I am honored to have been select to promote the tourism of Arunachal Pradesh. I have always been riveted with northeast India: each state has its unique beauty, history and culture. Arunachal Pradesh is a state rich with culture, religion, great people and fabulous views. When I’m there, all I require is some music, my boots to walk around and a mind free from all worries to be able to hold the hypnotic beauty of Arunachal Pradesh.”

Actor John’s love for the Northeast India has frequently highlighted through his immense support to the region. Actor John Abraham has supported the seven sisters through his contribution in “Run for North East”, a marathon hosted earlier in January.

John Abraham appointed as Arunachal Pradesh Brand Ambassador
John Abraham appointed as Arunachal Pradesh Brand Ambassador

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Secretary Joram Beda said that, “Our main focus this year lies in boosting the tourism sector and making Arunachal Pradesh as a ‘Must See, Must Experience’ state.

For this vision’s achievement, we require like-minded partners that see and understand our vision and can help us for chart this success. We found such a partner in Viacom18 who have helped us get John Abraham, a celebrity, an adventurer and a great human being on board.”

John Abraham has played a key role in promoting Northeast India, mainly by putting NEUFC on the map of sports. We believe that our association with him will support our purpose of putting out our state in the Indian diaspora as a prominent tourist purpose.

John said, “I just told to Dr Beda that I would like to take a full movie to Arunacahal Pradesh. He corrected me that not an entire film, take one schedule and then you see. I am happy to explore it and we are responsible as film makers and we hope it grows in the arena of tourism. ‘Rangoon’ was shot there and we wish even we shoot our film there.”


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