CBSE Guidelines for No School Bags and Homework for Classes I and II

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) published a circular notice to all heads of associated schools to reduce weight of school bags and avoid homework.

In a circular the CBSE has asked all its affiliated schools to take a series of measures for schools, teachers and also parents of the students to reduce the weight of school bags, which have adversely effect on fitness of school kids.

The circular said that, “Heavy school bags may adversely effects on health of growing kids and if such heavy bags are used for a long period, the impact may well be irreparable. Young children whose spine is at a vital stage of growth are the most susceptible ones to hazards like back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain, fatigue and in extreme cases the distortion of spinal cord or shoulders that may most probably be attributed to heavy school bags.”


Highlights of the CBSE Circular:

Suggestions for Affiliated Schools:

Here is a list of suggestions for affiliated schools:

Inspire students to pack their school bags on daily basis.

To check school bags casually.

To deliver safe drinking water to all students. So, no need to carry water bottles.

To design weekly timetable to complete aim of necessary minimum textbooks.

No need to carry additional sportswear rather allowed for whole day.

Tasks associated to projects and activities to be finished in school hours and not for homework.

Textbooks for classes I to VIII should be light weighted.

No more homework and heavy school bags for classes I and II.

Suggestions for Teachers:

Here is a list of suggestion for teachers of affiliated schools:

May be recommended by principal and not to punish students for not bringing textbooks.

May use alternate methods of teaching that students easily understand.

To use loose sheets for the workbooks.

May make pairs of students, therefore they can share their textbooks.

Suggestions for Parents:

Here is a list of suggestion for parents of student:

Advised to check student’s school bags on daily basis so they will only carry required books.

School Bag should be strongly pack on shoulder, not in hanging or uncomfortable position.

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