70th Independence Day 2016 India Celebration – Key Theme Importance


Independent Day of India would be celebrated by the people all over the India on 15th of August. This year in 2016, India will celebrate its 70th Independence Day at 15th August 2016, Monday to pay acknowledgement and recall all the freedom fighters who had paid a lot and struggled for the Independence of India. Independence Day is a nationwide holiday on 15 August.

Patriotism and Terror will be key theme for Independence Day 2016 celebration in India. The Union government plans to organize events connected with the freedom struggle across 100 places to create enthusiasm and “infuse patriotism” among the youth.

Independence Day 2016 in India
Independence Day 2016 in India

The first Independence Day was celebrated in India on 15th of August in 1947 when India became independent from British rule.

European merchants had been settle down in India since the 17th Century. In the 18th Century the East India Company, a British company exchange items like silk, cotton, tea and salt, won many areas of India and soon demanded it as its own.

Completion of World War II, it converted outward that Britain could no longer hold its power in India. Initially, the handover to independence was to be in June 1948, but forceful activities between religions began up to 1-million deaths. The British Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten was enforced to bring the date forward to 1947.

British India converted in two regions on 14 August 1947, Pakistan developed a country, and 15 August 1947, India became a country and held its first Independence Day celebration in 15th August 1948.

Independent day celebration is very huge every year. Chief of India gives a speech every year in order to “Address to the Nation” on the sunset off a day on the Independence Day. It is celebrated with big passion in the Capital of country on 15th of August where the prime minister of India pulls the Indian flag on the Red Fort, Delhi. After the flag lifting, National Anthem song is sung and twenty-one gun shots are fired to salute and honors the Indian flag and serious occasion. And many type of function is organized in school collages and other place in all over the India.

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