Verizon to Buy Yahoo for 5 Billion USD Deal on Monday

Verizon buys Yahoo…

Verizon to buy Yahoo Inc. for almost 5 Billion USD deal. The source for this information is unknown. As per the reports, Verizon yahoo deal will take place before market opens on Monday, 25 July 2016. They may announce formally about acquisition.

Yahoo is expected to sell its products like email service, news, finance, sports websites and may be advertising tools. Yahoo Inc.’s revenue is getting down during last 8 years so Company’s shareholders are making pressure on the company.

Yahoo Verizon deal may end the 4 years control of Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer. Marissa Mayer was a Google executive before serving Yahoo. She failed in her attempts to make the Company profitable.

Verizon Buys Yahoo in 5 Billion USD Deal
Verizon Buys Yahoo in 5 Billion USD Deal

Yahoo has been in a long, deep slump even as advertisers have been pouring more money into what is now a $160 billion market for digital advertising.

Most of the digital advertising money are flowing to the Internet Giant Google and Social network Giant Facebook. Yahoo had attempted to buy both companies while in their beginning phase.

If Verizon purchases Yahoo in $5 Billion deal, then Yahoo will be holder for Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan. Yahoo Japan is the platform from where the Yahoo’s market value comes.

Still now any official comment is not given by Yahoo or Verizon.

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