Hardik Two Face – 7 Stupid Statements done by Anti-National Hardik Patel


Anti-National Hardik Patel got released from jail on condition, for 6months he cannot enter in Gujarat. In front of court Hardik gives the statement that he will not conduct the agitation in Gujarat because he got stucked in jail for 9 months, as he got freedom he changes his statement and ask patidars to continuing agitation and riots.

That’s why team maffat gives a Name to Hardik Patel : Hardik Two Face

Hardik Two Face

Because Team Maffat find Similarities between Hardik Patel and Batman : The Dark knight Rises Character harvey dent. Who was good at starting level and does many good thigs for COMMUNITY. But at the end he also does not knowing that what he is actually doing.

Our main intention to compare these two CHARECTORS is that if you are a mature person, food for thought. You are supporting a kid who have no sense of speaking or doing.

Here we are showing some IDIOTIC statement that Mr. Patel Gives.

Most idiotic and shame less statement was :

Kill 2-5 policemen. No Patidar would die now.

Are you serious, kid? You are talking about the Power, because of them you are breathing freely.

Another Stupid, Shameless and Immature statement given by Immature Hardik Patel :

“If you (the BJP Government) do not give us our rights (OBC inclusion), we will snatch it.”

“If you talk about Interest of Patels, you will rule over Patels”

“Give Us Quota Otherwise the Lotus Will Never Bloom in Gujarat”

“We uprooted Congress from Gujarat in 1985, BJP, the 2017 Elections are coming”

“If Supreme Court can open at 3.30am for a Terrorist, then why not for the country’s Youth.”

“If you do not give rights to the country’s youth who have come on the streets to demand their rights, some will become Naxalites and some will become terrorists.”

“We are apolitical”

“Our Elected Representatives at the Centre are not just to amend the Constitution or make law, but to serve our community.”

A person is giving this kind of statement who don’t have sense or respect of holding our National Flag don’t having sense of Speaking about Cops a truly arrogant and immature Stupid.


Patels WAS a respected community in Gujarat, known for Business Person or Farmer. But because of same IDIOTS the whole community’s image got damaged.

We are not in against in any community. Just Praying you that we should not Make Hero to the Stupid Persons. We have some Heros like Sardar Patel, Bhagatsing, Mahatma Gandhi and more. By Making this Idiot Hero, we should not Insult Them.

Bhavdip Jadeja


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