Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil Rajkot : Pure Ayurvedic Black Sesame Hair Oil

Shri Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil is a new product by Shri Tirumala Company. Tirumala Company is based in Rajkot Gujarat and owned by Rajesh Vadher. Tirumala will soon launch its Hairoil under brand name of “Sanskruti Hair Oil”.

About Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil:

Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil is 100% pure Ayurvedic hair oil made from mainly sesame and other natural ingredients. Shree Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil is approved by Government Labs. Tirumala Hair Oil is made by very popular method ‘Kshirpak vidhi’ (क्षीरपाक विधि). As per Shree Tirumala Company’s claim, they have not used any single harmful chemical in Sanskruti Hair Oil but it is totally made from natural ingredients.

Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil Ingredients:

Sesame Seeds Oil (काले तल का तेल), Jasood (जासूद), Neem (नीम), Aamla (आमला), Mastangi (मस्तांगी), Kapur (कपूर), Tapasvani Vattivelu (तपस्वनी वाटिवेलु), Palashi (पलाशी), Kuruvind (कुरुविंद), Amruta (अमृता), Kalidram (कालीड्रम), Yavaneshta (यवनेष्टा), Shree Valli (श्री वल्ली), Keshranjan (केशरंजन), Brahmi (ब्राह्मी), Sulabha (सुलभा)

Sanskruti Hair Oil
Sanskruti Hair Oil

Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil Benefits:

Made from 100% pure natural Ayurvedic ingredients, Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil helps you to fight hair related problems like hair fall, premature greying of hair, rough hair, dandruff and other problem.

Shree Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil helps you to solve all hair releated problems and make your hair long, black, thick, shiny and smooth. It also improves hair growth and keep your head cool.

One should use min. of 10 ml Tirumala Sanskruti Hair Oil in their hair and gently massage it for upto 10 minutes. Regular usage of Shree Tirumala Hair Oil will surely give you expected result.

About Shree Tirumala Company:

Shree Tirumala Company is owned and managed by Rajeshbhai Vadher. He is from Rajkot. He has spent a lot of time in research for making his Sanskruti Hair Oil Product perfect. His main aim is to give a perfect solution for all kinds of hair problems with the help of nature. Rajeshbhai Vadher’s office is located at Ground Floor, Iscon mall, 150 Feet Ring Road in Rajkot.

Rajeshbhai Vadher’s Contact Number is 9427244695 or you can mail on tirumala.hairoil@gmail.com

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