PM Narendra Modi Interview with Times Now Arnab Goswami : Full Text and Video

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview with Arnab Goswami is trending on Social Media. Times Now news channel anchor Arnab Goswami had taken interview of PM Narendra Modi on Monday, 27 June 2016.

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After being Prime Minister of India, it was Modi’s first interview to a private channel. PM Modi with Arnab Goswami Interview video has become most watched interview. PM Modi shared his thoughts on various issues including Pakistan’s Policy, Pathankot attack, china’s policy for NSG bid, economy, poverty, various schemes and more.

Here are some highlights of PM Modi’s interview. All the points are considered from PM Modi and Arnab Goswami’s Interview Video.

PM Modi at Sardar Patel International Airport for PBD 2015
PM Modi at Sardar Patel International Airport for PBD 2015

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There are many things which are not visible. One can’t imagine the difficulty I am experiencing in taking out things from dirt. One who is working there knows the amount of dirt that exists and how certain things have been caught in a web. There are certain powers behind it.

The case about Agusta helicopters. I can’t deny it and I believe that we have the right to doubt that people behind this are very experienced. They have perfectly practiced the art of doing wrong deeds. They are very experienced and knowledgeable.

And one can also smell the fact that such a thing wouldn’t have been done without a shield. Now, agencies are probing. Let’s see how far the probe goes. But the investigation shouldn’t go ahead while people are being targeted, neither does my government target anyone.

The sin has been committed, but how much is done – how was it done, who did it  – is for probe agencies to find out in a professional way. Whatever comes out, will be put out.

India’s NSG membership bid-

-Every government has made an effort. It’s not that only this government is trying, it’s in continuity. But it’s during our tenure that we achieved SCO membership, we also got the MTCR membership.

I have full faith that now we have begun a coordinated effort for the NSG membership too.

The process has begun on a positive note. Everything has rules and will work accordingly and move forward.

Pakistan and terrorism-

The first thing is that with Pakistan, to whom do we talk to decide about the lakshman-rekha. Will it be with the elected government or with other actors?

That is why India will have to be on alert all the time. India will have to be alert every moment. There can never be any laxity in this.

But there is an outcome due to my continuous efforts like my visit to Lahore and my invitation to the Pakistani Prime Minister to come to India. Now I don’t have to explain to the world about India’s position.

Earlier the world would not buy India’s theory on terrorism and sometime it would even treat it as out law and order problem. Now the whole world is accepting what India says on terrorism. It is accepting the loss caused to India by terorrism, the loss caused to humanity by terrorism.

I believe India will have to continue putting forth its view on this matter.


I have a humourous side but these days humour can be a risky thing.

In this era of 24/7 news channels, anybody can lift a small word and make a big issue out of it. But I will tell you the truth, the reason for the absence of humour in public life is this fear.

I am in fear, there is no humour left in public life because of this fear. Everyone is scared. I am in fear.

My speeches used be humourous. I see it in Parliament, that humour is finished there too. It is a matter of concern.

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