ISRO Creates History : PSLV C-34 with 20 Satellites Launches from Sriharikota

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) create a history today on 22 June 2016 a total of 20 guests, including seven foreign satellite launch made history together. It includes three domestic and 17 foreign satellite. The Polar Satellite Launch from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota.

Around 26 minutes 30 seconds in the satellite launch. India’s Kartosat 2 series satellites with 20 satellites were launched from Sriharikota including PSLV-C -34. These two series of satellites in Earth Kortosat India to collect information, including a new satellite. Launch Authorization Board (LAB) to approve the operation of launch the satellite from that time after 26 minutes on Monday morning, 9 o’ clock reversed countdown started.


ISRO had launched 10 satellites earlier in 2008 in different orbits of the Earth. Now ISRO has launched 20 satellites in a single launch mission and it’s a record. In this list, satellites from US, Germany, Canada and Indonesia satellite are included.

Kotresat 2 series satellites successor Kotresat 2, 2A and 2B is similar. Kotresat 2 series satellites except 19 other satellite’s total weight of 560 kilograms.

Kotreset 2 satellite with 19 other satellites are placed on Sun Synchronous Orbit with the height of 505 kilometers. According to ISRO, the 20 satellites will weigh around 1,288 kg. ISRO said these satellites in the US, Canada, Germany and Indonesia as well as Indian universities, two satellites also including. ISRO officials had said earlier in the operation that would launch satellites in that Indonesian LAPAN A3, Biros of Germany, the US and Germany Mvivi Skaisat also included.

PM Narendra modi tweet that, “Our space programme has time and again shown the transformative potential of science & technology in people’s lives.”

ISRO chairman Kiran Kumar congratulates all the scientists.

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