India Set to Be Member of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) – Achche Din

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US President Barack Obama at the White House, the second such meeting between the two leaders since Modi become India’s top executive before two years in 2014.

The members of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), an international anti-proliferation grouping, have agreed to admit India, diplomats said, in a win for Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he met U.S. President Barack Obama in white house at Washington on Tuesday.


This was the seventh meeting between the two powerful leaders since Modi took over as Prime Minister in 2014. Though Obama has only one months left in office, the two leaders are set for another meeting, said PM Modi, which would happen at the G20 summit.

“Want to thank my close friend President Obama. We discussed a range of issues. I also thank the US Congress for inviting me, We are working shoulder to shoulder. We are proud. We will continue working together. India is a young country, over 800 million of Indians below age of 35. Our youth power in partnership with the US will serve mankind”

India makes a supersonic cruise missile called “the Brahmos”, in a joint venture with Russia that both countries hope to sell to third countries, a development that would make India a significant arms exporter for the first time it self.

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