1600 Pregnant Women Performed Yoga in Rajkot : Gujarat Set World Record in Yoga

On 2nd International Yoga Day, in Rajkot around 1600 pregnant women performed yoga together and created world record in Yoga, breaking china record. China had the world record with 913 women pregnant by Yoga.  This yoga day celebration is planned by Rajkot District Collector dr. Vikrant Pandey.

International Yoga Day 2016 celebration in Rajkot for Pregnant women was organized at Swaminarayan temple hall, kalawad road. So, the china’s record in Yoga is now taken over by Rajkot Gujarat.

Rajkot Collector Vikrant Panday informed that china’s record is broken and video of pregnant women performing yoga is sent to the Guinness book jury members. So the record certificate will come to us very soon.

almost 1600 pregnant women performed yoga together
almost 1600 pregnant women performed yoga together

The women which have participated in the World yoga program must be having at least 12 weeks of pregnancy and they should have been previously trained by qualified instructors. The pregnant women are also required to sum up together for 35 minutes.

PM Narendra Modi also expressed happiness at the rising awareness about yoga and its benefits in India and around the world.

PM Modi said in his recorded message, “I am glad that people are now seeing yoga as not just a tool to get better health, but as an important part of daily life to achieve complete wellness. I am confident that the whole world will join this yoga movement and move in the direction of achieving wellness”

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