Veerappan Movie Review 2016 : Ram Gopal Verma is Back

Ram Gopal Verma is back with his new movie Veerappan which is released today. RGV is known for his class movies but for last some time, he has lost his charm. Veerappan movie lead actor Sandeep Bhardwaj looks like Veerappan. Veerappan was the cruel gangster who created such terror in the jungles of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu that even Task Forces couldn’t snitch him.

Veerappan movie 2016 is a biographical film based on a Cruel Bandit Veerappan. Veerappan is receiving positive reviews. The film has beautiful locations including dense jungles, waterfalls and lush green areas. These are the locations from where Veerappan and his gang were riot, killing humans and tuskers and chopping sandalwood trees.

Ram Gopal Varma is intense on telling us an actual story which had the potential to provide insight into the life and times of a man who believed that breaking the law was infinitely better than giving up.

Veerappan movie 2016
Veerappan movie 2016

Many people and critics are saying that Ram Gopal Verma’s Kannada Killing Veerappan movie can never become.  Sandeep Bhardwaj as Veerappan can be seen hacking away at human members and shooting unlucky elephants.

Sachin Joshi has played the role of a mastermind who was behind Veerappan’s capture. The ear-shattering background music is right there. It is enough to make you want to escape into the forests, even at the risk of running into Veerappan.

Now looking at the Veerappan film’s story, Different task forces couldn’t kill or capture Veerappan in more than 15 years, so the project has been handed over to a straightforward cop, who hasn’t been given a name in the film. He involves Shriya in a highly confidential plan to abolish Veerappan.

This 126-minute film Veerappan has leap and a narrative technique which may give you a glimpse of Ram Gopal Varma’s old charm but not completely.

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