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Upcoming Urban Gujarati Movie 16 Fight Against Ragging Promotion at Iscon Mall in Ahmedabad

Gulaal Productions’ upcoming urban Gujarati movie 16 Fight against Ragging promotion was held at Iscon Mega Mall in Ahmedabad yesterday, 12 May 2016. Recently 16: Fight Against Movie trailer was released and it is very thrilling.

Upcoming Urban Gujarati Horror movie 16 Fight Against Ragging stars Sanjay Maurya, Chini Raval, Yuvraj Gadhvi, Sameer Trivedi and other stars were present for promotion of their movie at Iscon Mall in Ahmedabad. 16 Fight Against Ragging movie director and other crew members were also present at the promotional event.

16 Fight Against Ragging movie lead actor Sanjay Maurya addressed the public at the promotional stage. 16’s stars had lots of fun with the promotion of their movie. 16 Fight Against Ragging stars shared some selfie pics also on the social media.

16 Fight Against Ragging Movie Stars

16 Fight Against Ragging Movie Stars

16: Fight Against Ragging movie’s beautiful and glamorous actress Chini Raval was looking cool in casual top and jeans. Chini Raval also shared a pic with movie’s director Lagdhirsinh Jadeja. Sanjay Maurya was in checkered blue shirt and jeans. Upcoming urban Gujarati movie 16: fight against ragging movie’s trailer was played in Iscon Mega Mall from the morning and the stars came in the evening for the promotion.

Directed by Lagdhirsinh Jadeja, 16 Fight Against Ragging Gujarati film is set to release on 20 May 2016. 16 Fight Against Ragging Upcoming Urban Gujarati Movie stars Sanjay Maurya, Chini Raval, Nikita Soni, Sameer Trivedi, Yuvraj Gadhvi and many fresh faces whom the crew has selected from the auditions. 16 Fight Against Ragging Movie teaser has glamour, comedy, horror, college life, thriller everything which makes a movie Perfect.

So don’t forget to visit your nearby Cinema for 16: Fight Against Ragging.

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