Sunny Leone’s Sensational and Hot Scenes from One Night Stand Movie – Photos and Review

Sunny Leone’s thriller drama film One Night Stand is released. Sunny Leone gives brilliant performance in this movie. There is not only Sunny but actors Nyra Banerjee and Tanuj Virwani performed brilliantly in One Night Stand. The movie is directed by Jasmine Moses D’Souza. Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani are playing the lead roles in the movie.

The story is about one night stand between two lead roles Sunny and Tanuj. Sunny Leone is playing the role of Celina while Tanuj is playing the role of Urvil in One Night Stand. After spending a night with each other, both are returned in their regular life. Urvil is a young achiever with his lovely wife while Celine is devotedly married to a top-notch businessman and has the most picture-perfect family. Critics said that One Night Stand movie can be watched once. The film suffers from weak script. Here read what critics said about One Night Stand Movie.

Bollywood Hungama critic said that, “ONE NIGHT STAND suffers due to a weak script. It does have its moments, however at the box-office, the film will struggle fighting the competition from other big releases.”

Mohar Basu of the Times of India said that, “Sometimes good actors do have the power to exalt a mediocre script, but both Sunny and Tanuj fail to sink their teeth deep into their characters. Their acting lacks flair.”

Shubhra Gupta of the Indian Express said that, “For a film which wants to strike a blow for feminism and sexual freedom, there are some troubling misogynistic touches about ‘hot’ secretaries, and ‘stay-at-home’ wives.”

Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times said that, “Unlike other Sunny Leone films, this one isn’t dull. In fact, it is lucid through most of its 99 minutes of running time. What doesn’t work, though, is the forced debate around how Indians look at casual flings. It appears as an afterthought to shield steamy scenes and dance numbers.”

BollywoodLife.Com said that, ‘Clearly, by the end of the film, you’ll wonder what was the point of the film in the first place. It starts with a silly cheating game that soon turns into a petty stalking game that results in a housewreck and somehow even feminism and male ego wiggle in the storyline.”

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