Power of Patidar Trailer 2016 – Shame of Gujarati Cinema Most Horrible Trailer Ever

Power of Patidar is upcoming Gujarati movie based on the true story (Production House says that but we don’t think) of Gujarat riots Patel Anamat Andolan by Defected young and highly immature guy named Hardik Patel.

Power of Patidar and Anamat movie trailer is here but are warning you that do not watch this trailer for your safety. You may kill your self by seeing this trailer or you may die laughing on the actors’ worst ever acting and stupid intense look and horrible directions.

Hardik Patel’s demand of Patidar Anamat may be right or good for his community but the way he does is highly improper as just due to his immature act, public properties got damaged and many innocent people got injured and disturbed our Gujarat’s image in front of the world. BHIKH NAHI HAK MANGU CHU… PATIDAR CHU TAKLIF TO REVANI.

Look at the one side where we have a classy movies like Kevi rite Jais, Be yaar, Chello Divs, 16 – fight Against Ragging which makes us feel Proud of Gujarati Cinema and another side, we have highly inappropriate stupidity like Power of Patidar and Anamat movies which makes us feel shame which only highlights the guy who can never ever be the hero or idol for youngsters or children.

As a Media person I genuinely thinks that we should not make Hero to any stupid and immature person. Who is actually charged and in Jail for Treason.

One should be shameful to make Movie on the person who gives Gujarat Sleepless Nights, Destroy Public Property and Especially Ask us to Bit Police Department (Have Shame to speak that). We all know that he does all these things and Disrespect our National Flag and what we do? We make movie on that Joker.


Details of Movie based on Hardik Patel :

Name of the Movie : Power of Patidar

Director of movie Power of Patidar : Mahesh Patel

Movie Produced by : Kesar Bhavani Film Production

Star Cast of Power of Patel Movie : Sanjay Dave, Hardika Joshi (Dolly)

Budget : Rs 1 crore (Think to Spend this money on INDIANS, if you really Cares)

 Here is the Trailer of Anamat Movie and Power of Patidar Movie 2016 :

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