Mallika Sherawat Secretly Married to her Boyfriend : Mallika Rubbishes Rumours

“Murder” actress Mallika Sherawat is currently dating Paris based real estate businessman Cyrille Auxenfans. There are rumors that Mallika Sherawat has tied the knot with her boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans secretly. The rumors said that the marriage ceremony will be private which will be held in Paris. Then she will soon be hosting a grand wedding reception.

A report suggested that Cyrille and Mallika got married secretly after he gifted to her a luxury car. Mallika’s father Mukesh Lamba confirmed the news that they will soon throw a grand wedding reception. Mukesh Lamba informed that they are waiting for Mallika’s brother and sister-in-law to come back from Paris.

However Hiss actress Mallika told her fans that she will not marry with Cyrille now. But when she does, she will inform. Mallika also said that she is going to Cannes Film Festival 2016 where her movie “Time Raiders” has been selected.

Mallika and Cyrille
Mallika and Cyrille

Dirty Politics” actress Mallika denied it. She said in her Twitter account that, “STOP spreading rumors. It’s NOT true! The day I get married, you all will be invited 🙂 It’s NOT TRUE. Please don’t spread rumors. I am on my way to Cannes with my film Time Raiders:)”

Earlier Mallika Sherawat had confessed about her love affair with Paris based businessman Cyrille Auxenfans. She said that, “I am proud of him and will soon get him to Mumbai. He has shown Paris to me and has romanced me the French style, now I will romance him the Indian style! I will take him to the Taj Mahal, and make him have street food. You know the typical Indian flavour, that’s what I want to do.”

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