ISRO Test Launched Made in India Space Shuttle Successfully : RLV-TD Reusable Space Shuttle

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had successfully test-launched its first made in India reusable space shuttle on 23rd May 2016, Monday. India successfully tested its first-ever made in Indias space shuttle. Its scale model is the Re Usable Launch Vehicle – Technology Demostrator, the short form is RLV-TD. This RLV-TD was launched from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh at 7 AM.

There Rs 95 Crore has been spent on RLV-TD space shuttle. The ISRO Chairman Kiran Kumar said that, “All the space infrastructure what we have to build for various activities, our ability significantly increases because the overall cost comes down.” This is the first time that ISRO has launched a winged flight vehicle.

ISRO Launched Reusable Vehicle
ISRO Launched Reusable Vehicle

Within 20 minutes of lift off, the ISRO announced that the launch was successful. The 6.5 metre-long prototype of the RLV weighs about 1.75 tonnes and was built at a cost of Rs95 crore. This project was in works for about the decades. The project involving over 600 scientists.

A spokeperson said that, “Mission has been accomplished and all the parameters and trajectories were fulfilled. he liftoff was sharp at 7am and then the vehicle landed in the Bay of Bengal. This was the hypersonic flight experiment (HEX), the next test will be focussed on landing the vehicle.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated to ISRO team for successful fight. Narendra Modi tweeted that, “Launch of India’s first indigenous space shuttle RLV-TD is the result of the industrious efforts of our scientists. Congrats to them.”


The director of ISRO’s Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, K Sivan said that, “Many such experiments will be carried out in the future, such as for the parachute system which will be put together eventually. We are looking at frugal engineering, developing advanced systems efficiently. The final reusable launch vehicle will not be ready for another decade.”

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