Azhar Movie Reviews 2016 : Emraan Hashmi’s Performance Brilliantly as Azharuddin

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi’s latest bollywood biopic movie Azhar is released today, 13 May 2016. Azhar movie was promoted since beginning as biopic of India’s most controversial cricketer Mohaamad Azharuddin but a disclaimer right before the film started clarified that ‘ it is not a biopic of the cricketer’.

Known as ‘serial kisser’, Emraan Hashmi has played his role brilliantly as Azharuddin. The screenplay could have been smooth as butter so that Emraan’s master stroke could have ended with a high-fly sixer.

Azhar is a story of a fallen hero who has fight to get back his lost self-respect. Azhar rises to one of India’s most successful cricket captain from his lower middle class life but in his career, he also experienced controversies and scandals. Looking at the personal life, Azhar was in relationship with actress Sangeeta Bijlani whom he marries after leaving his first wife Naureen. Mohammad Azharuddin got banned from playing cricket after being accused of match fixing.

Emraan and Nargis Kissing in Azhar movie
Emraan and Nargis Kissing in Azhar movie

Emraan Hashmi and Nargis’ chemistry as Azhar and Sangeeta Bijlani is a sizzling one. Then, the most controversial part, which made the headlines for the longest time is played by Nargis Fakhri. The actress has come a long way since her ‘Rockstar’ days.

Lara Dutta plays a tough nut Defence lawyer, who is impressive in her portrayal but sadly loses in the end. The ghost of match-fixing and the allegations run across the run-time, and what exactly a player goes through if he’s innocent is what Azhar summarises.

So if you are a cricket lover or Emraan Hashmi fan, then you must watch this movie…

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