WhatsApp to Get Call Back Voice Mail and Zip File Sharing Features 2016

World’s largest messaging app, WhatsApp has launched a tons of new features in last some months and now Company is ready to add some more interesting features soon. WhatsApp for iOS and Android platform will get Call back button.

WhatsApp All New Features and Updates

In call back feature, the App will show notification for missed call with call back button and also, user will be able to call back without opening the WhatsApp. WhatsApp for iOS device will also get Voice mail feature and it will have ‘Record Voice Mail’ and ‘Send Voice Mail’ buttons which will allow to send voice mail during call also.

WhatsApp New Feature
WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp will also add Zip file sharing with which users can compress the file. Currently WhatsApp supports PDF, Docx, Docs and VCF File formats. The Video Calling in WhatsApp may be available in the next updates soon.

WhatsApp also introduced end-to-end encryption for all its services this month. This means that all user calls, texts, video, images and other files sent can only be viewed by the intended recipient, and no one, not even WhatsApp itself, can access this data. This guarantee of user privacy creates new concerns for the government. WhatsApp will now find it impossible to comply with government requests for data, since WhatsApp itself will not have the decryption key.


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