Taher Shah’s New Song Angel : Everything You Need to Know About Sensational Taher Shah

Pakistani singer Taher Shah is back and he is trending on Twitter for his new video song ‘Angel’ as it has all the elements the man is known for. This time, Taher Shah’s song’s lyrics along with costume, location will steal your heart.

The social media is once again welcoming to the Pakistani Internet sensation Taher Shah for his latest song ‘Angel’. By now, all your online timelines must be flooded with jokes on his new track and you must really be wondering who actually is Taher Shah!

Taher Shah’s new video song Angel is sharing the message of love and peace. This time he’s move forward from his self-admiration. Unlike, ‘Eye to Eye’, this time there are more faces in the scene. A female, furry god mother angel and little Taher Shah, who has no idea how big a debut he has got!

Taher Shah is Trending Taher Shah Trolled Tweets

From “sensuous, sensational” eyes to “my heart is like a rose, mankind’s soul”, Taher Shah has come a long way in his own galaxy!

Known as Mrs Funny Bones, Twinkle Khanna Tweeted, “Pakistan doesn’t need nuclear weapons they can just drop this purple bomb on us.”

Who is Taher Shah?:

Taher Shah got famous in 2013 with his debut song ‘Eye To Eye’. The musical number was so bad that it turned out to be hilarious and, also, became audience’s favourite in no time. ‘Eye To Eye’ has allegedly got more than four million hits across all the online platforms.

Memes on him are a global phenomenon today. You will be amazed to know that he has got a following of more than 45 thousand people on Twitter.


 Please Add Your Safety Check on Facebook after Watching This Video Song….LoL

Taher Shah’s Angel Song Video:

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