Sachin Tendulkar Appointed as Brand Ambassador and Strategic Shareholder of Smartron India

Indian Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has been appointed as a brand ambassador and strategic shareholder of Smartron. Smarton is a leading global technology company focused on the development of a wide range of smart devices and Internet of Things  products set to reach markets in the first quarter of 2016-17.

Cricket Icon Sachin Tendulkar said on 31st March 2016, that he has a dream to see Americans carry phones which are made by Indians. The Master Blaster Sachin said at the launching function of Smartron mobile phone. Smartron is an Indian company. Sachin offered to domestic companies that are going to utilize the opportunities globally.

The new made in India brand with global ambitions, Smartron has announced its first set of products. The company launched a 12.2-inch Windows 10 2-in-1 t-book powered by Intel Core M processors with prices starting Rs 39,999. It also announced a 5.5-inch t-phone with Tron-x based on Android to start selling mid-April 2016.

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar
Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar said, “This is the second inning of my life. First, I was playing cricket in the field. The second inning is a partnership with entrepreneurs. That means much more to me because if you read what is written behind the product (Smartron) it says designed and engineered in India.”

Sachin has invested in Smartron company and he is a brand ambassador of the company. He added, “An Indian company looking to go global is a matter of pride for all of us. I wanted to support this whole-heartedly. It would be a dream (come true) to see Americans carrying this phone and saying this product is made by Indians. Thoughts are there and the result will follow.”

Smartron announced Sachin Tendulkar as a brand ambassador of the company on 26th March. Smartron’s chairman and managing director Mahesh Lingareddy said that, “We are investing heavily in some advanced technology. It is not easy to build a product company out of India. There are challenges of the ecosystem, original design manufacturers are not here.”

Tendulkar said about his association with Smartron that, “I have always been fascinated by technology. Smartron’s founding vision for the need for a robust product ecosystem in the country to grow is very impressive. We need to support brands that are “designed and engineered in India” by our Entrepreneurs and Engineers that ably compete in the global markets. I look forward to being part of the growth journey of Smartron buoyed by tremendous growth opportunities offered by IoT worldwide.”

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