Panic Button Must in New Mobile Phones from 2017 : To Keep Women Safe

Indian Government has decided that every mobile should have in-built panic button and GPS from 1st January 2017. The Government of India has decided to make the panic button mandatory in mobile to ensure women safety.

An in-built Panic button in Mobile Phone will be mandatory from 1st January 2017 and Global Positioning System (GPS) will be mandatory from 1st January 2018. Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad Said, “Technology is solely meant to make human life better and what better than using it for the security of women?”

Panic Button in All Mobiles is must
Panic Button in All Mobiles is must

The facility of the panic button will be activated by pressing numeric key — 5 or numeric key 9 — to enable an emergency call. The government order says that on Smartphone, a customer should be able to make an emergency call by pressing either a special panic button for a long time, or use the existing power button to do the same by pressing it thrice in quick succession.

In 2015, the Smartphone market in India crossed 100 million+ devices. Now the Government has announced the new orders but everyone cannot afford that kind of mobile phones. As per the Government orders, current feature smartphones will not be legal from 2018. If you look at the mobile phone of range under Rs 2000, then it is not having in-built GPS.

The Smartphone makers to add a new facility of panic button, just for One country market!!!

For women safety, there are some apps which are serving the same purpose. Middle class and upper middle class Indian women can easily buy featured smartphones and also use safety apps while the rural area or poor people cannot afford the mobile phones.

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