Kollam Temple Fire Accident : Fireworks Show Kills 107 in Kerala

Kerala Police detained five people who were involved in conducting the firework display after a huge fire broke out at Puttingal temple at Paravaur in Kollam District, Kerala early Sunday morning.

The firework explosion was at Kerala Temple on 10th April 2016, Sunday. There 106 people were died and 383 were injured in a major blaze. It is one of the worst fire tragedies in Country. The huge fireworks exploded at a temple in Kollam district. The temple was 500-year-old Devi Temple at Puttingal of Paravur municipality in Kollam, located around 70 km from the state capital Thiruvananthapuram.

Kollam Temple Kerala
Kollam Temple Kerala

Eyewitnesses said the sound of the explosion could be heard over a radius of one kilometre and the whole area plunged into darkness as the power supply went off and people ran helter-skelter. After the fire tragedy the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was appeared at the accident point in afternoon.

Narendra Modi said in social media that, “Fire at temple in Kollam is heart-rending & shocking beyond words. My thoughts are with families of the deceased & prayers with the injured.”

63-year-old Vijayan who is local said that, “The concrete building in which crackers and pyrotechnic materials were stocked was completely destroyed in the explosion. The blast was so massive that cement slabs were found even 10 metres away from the spot.”

Narendra Modi at Kollam Temple Tragedy Site
Narendra Modi at Kollam Temple Tragedy Site

Deepa Soman, who resides near the temple said that, “The tragedy would have been greater if it had happened a few hours earlier. Many women had returned from the venue by the time the blast occurred. Those who came from distant villages stayed on the ground as they could board bus only in the morning.”

“When the explosion took place, we were inside the house. Concrete pieces rained on our courtyard. All windows and doors of my house collapsed from the impact of the explosion. If the women had still been sitting outside our house, they would all have died under the collapsed windows.” Deepa added.

A labourer Suresh Babu and his friend were reached first at the accident point and started to helping injured people. Suresh Babu said that, “I have never seen such a ghastly sight… burnt bodies, broken limbs. I am yet to get over the shock and have not been able to take food or water. The sight of dead bodies is still haunting me.”

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