Karan Arjun 2 First Look – Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan Upcoming Bollywood Movie

Karan Arjun 2 Upcoming Bollywood Movie
Karan Arjun 2 Upcoming Bollywood Movie

Star Cast of Karan Arjun 2 Movie :

SRK, Salman Khan, Shanina Shaik

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s Fans always hoped for the Dialog “Mere Karan Arjun Aayenge” comes true. So here is a news that Karan (Salman) and Arjun (SRK) back together in the movie Karan Arjun 2. Here is the first look.

SRK in Karan Arjun 2

SRK in Karan Arjun 2

In this movie Shah Rukh Khan plays a big – city gambler in the movie, a role similar to Don series. Karan Arjun 2 Movie may caries a new story and may not linked to first Karan Arjun(1995) the first one.

Salman Khan in Karan Arjun 2 Movie :

Salman Khan in Karan Arjun 2

Salman Khan, Character name Karan, plays an Undercover agent disguised as a musician in the movie Karan Arjun 2 and the interesting part is that his mission is to catch Arjun.

The mother of the original one’s has also been replaced. This Most Awaiting movie Karan Arjun 2 consist of more youthful characters and we can see the love triangle between three leads Shah Rukh, Salman and a Model Shanina Shaik.

In first Bollywood classic movie Karan Arjun both heroes are fighting together, while this time they Fight each Other.

Karan Arjun 2 Movie Shooting Photos :

Karan Arjun 2
Karan Arjun 2 Shooting Photos

Karan Arjun 2 is Sat to release around charismas 2018. In this duration you may face 2 more April fools’ day. Like todays’ ;-). Sorry, and thank you for reading this seriously.

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