Google Launches Health Card in Association with Apollo Hospitals in India 2016

The Google has been launched “health card” feature on 5th April 2016, Tuesday in India for its users. This feature aimed at providing information on at least 400 medical conditions to the users. Health Card feature contains credible information on symptoms. The search giant Google has partnered with Apollo hospitals. The Apollo hospital is create contents about diseases.

The “Health Card” feature was live in US for past year. It was launched in Brazil two weeks back. Now India becomes a third country to get “health card” feature. The content’s data will be over 400 diseases for India. And the company plans to expand it.

Health Card afeature
Health Card afeature

If user types name of any diseases like Dengue or Malaria then the information card appears right on top with an illustration. It also shows information of the symptoms, possible treatments, even data on which age groups are more susceptible. Users can save the information into PDF or they can email it to their family or friends.

The content appears in right side of Google search engine and it will be in card like format. The “Health Card” feature is available on Google Search for mobile, desktops, Android and iOS apps. Google said that the Hindi content is grown by 94 percent while English content is grown by only 19 percent in India. There one query from twenty search queries is related to medical condition, according to Google.

This all information will be display in Hindi or English languages. It depends on user’s setting. The Google Search Product Manager, Prem Ramaswami said that, “For a lot of users, it is difficult to trust some of the information that is available on the web on medical issues. The other problem with medical results is whether the information is based on actual science data or is it coming from a blog, which might not always be accurate. Our aim is to provide a framework for users so that they can find the right information on medical conditions.”

Ramaswami said that, “We are starting with Hindi as the content on this is growing very fast. Of course, we want to expand to other regional languages as well.” This feature is very helpful for users. And users can also get the knowledge about diseases.

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