Delhi Odd-Even 2.0 : Uber and Ola Cabs Suspend Surge Pricing in Delhi

Taxi aggregators Ola and Uber on Monday temporarily suspended surge pricing across Delhi. The companies suspended after Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal warned taxi companies saying the government would cancel their permits and impound vehicles in the city-state if they charge more than the fare prescribed by the authorities.

Ink Attack on Delhi CM – Odd Even Event

Deep Singh, business head of Ola said, “Ola has temporarily pulled out peak pricing in Delhi NCR. Ola’s shared mobility services Ola Share and Ola Shuttle have seen tremendous response and adoption from users in the region. A lot of demand is being witnessed in business districts, around metro stations and other popular areas in the city.”

Uber and Ola Cabs Suspend Surge Pricing in Delhi
Uber and Ola Cabs Suspend Surge Pricing in Delhi

The second edition of odd-even program Amid was implemented by the government. The program was implemented from 15th to 30 April. Gagan Bhatia, general manager, Uber North said that, “Given the threat of the Delhi government to cancel permits and impound vehicles of our driver partners, Uber has suspended surge pricing.”

“Despite this, 92% of the trips in Delhi happened on regular fares, even during the first phase of odd-even scheme” Bhatia said. The new rule found by Karnataka government. The new law is On-demand Transportation Technology Aggregators Rules, 2016.

According to new rules in Karnataka, cab-services offered by Uber and Ola can charge a maximum per-kilometer fare of Rs 19.50 for cabs with air conditioning and Rs 14.50 without AC facilities. The companies have been disallowed from charging a higher fare during peak hours, when demand is more than supply.

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