Bihar is Dry State from 5 April 2016 : CM Nitish Kumar Bans Alcohol Completely

Bihar government’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar decided to impose a total ban on alcohol in towns and cities. So Bihar Government has been banned on sale of alcohol on 5th April 2016, Tuesday. Bihar has been completely banned on all kind of alcohol.

The meeting was held on 5th April 2016 under the chairmanship of chief minister Nitish Kumar. Then they decide to ban on alcohol. With the ban on alcohol, Bihar becomes a four state in country after Gujarat, Nagaland and Mizoram to impose total prohibition.

Nitish Kumar Decide to Ban on Alcohol
Nitish Kumar Decide to Ban on Alcohol

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said in media that, “There would be a complete ban on liquor, including the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and country liquor. We would be implementing it phase by phase. In the first phase, we would ban the country made liquor and later the foreign liquor would be banned.”

The ban on alcohol has received support from women because they generally link drinking by men with domestic violence, harassment and poverty. Bihar is one of the most backward states in India. Bihar state will lose nearly 50bn rupees ($752m; £529m) in tax collection due to the ban.

“We were forced to impose a total prohibition impressed with the huge response of the masses, especially women community, welcoming a ban on homemade liquor but also not allowing the foreign liquor to be sold in the state. Now we are issuing a notification to close down all the shops selling foreign liquor as well.” He said.

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