WaterAid Report : India has Largest Number of People are Using Unsafe Water

According to WaterAid report, there are approximately 76 million people in India which are not using safe water. WaterAid is a non-profit organization. The report titled as Water at What Cost? According to this report there is 5% of Indian population is without safe water while China is on number 2.

Avinash Kumar is a director of programs and policy at WaterAid. Avinash Kumar said, “Even though significant development has been made in terms of absolute numbers, India continues to top the list of people who don’t have access to water”. The WaterAid is an international charity.

The report said, “Poor management of water resources is the biggest problem holding India back. Misappropriation in planning and execution of water supply projects is another key factor. And projects often use inadequate sources, or pipelines do not reach habitations.”

Indians are Using Unsafe Water-report
Indians are Using Unsafe Water-report

There is about 315,000 children die from diarrheal diseases at each year, with 140,000 those deaths happening in India. India becomes polluted daily. Environmental economist Pavan Sukhdev said that, “We don’t handle public goods well. You need public management systems to manage public goods, and there are no market lessons to help guide that management.”

Avinash Kumar said that, “Since 1990 there has been a huge progress. Water crisis remains the most important today. In the Swachh Bharat mission, while sanitation has come under the limelight, water is missing. Water is sliding down the political priority.”

The report said, “For a poor person in the developing world with no access to safe water at home, buying the recommended 50 litres a day can be a huge drain on their meagre salary. Those in remote or rural locations are much less likely to have a reliable water source. However, even in cities, the poorest people are often socially excluded.”

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