Power of Patidar Upcoming Gujarati Movie Based on Anti-National Hardik Patel (Shame)

Power of Patidar Movie is based on “Patel Anamat Andolan” (Patidar Reservation Agitation) in Gujarat. This Agitation was Started by Young and Immature 22 years old boy Hardik Patel from Gujarat. A person who destroyed Gujarat, Disrespected National Flag and did many Anti-National Activities.

Treason Charged Hardik Patel is an Indian political activist campaigning for the inclusion of the Patidar caste in the Other Backward Class (OBC) category in order to qualify for reserved quotas in education and government jobs.

Hardik Patel’s demand of Patidar Anamat may right or good for his community but the way he does is highly improper. BHIKH NAHI HAK MANGU CHU… PATIDAR CHU TAKLIF TO REVANI.

But the funny part is this 22 year old boy gets attention from whole community and support for Predatory demand of “Hinsak Andolan” and damage very high to Gujarat Government’s Assets and Guajarati’s Sleep very badly.

Even more Funny news I Heard about this guy is that, he got so popular that a movie is in the process to show how Hardik Patel does this kind of AWESOME AGITATION. Who plans to Destroy Government or Beat Policemen or Harm Public and Public Assets.


Details of Movie based on Hardik Patel :

Name of the Movie : Power of Patidar

Director of movie Power of Patidar : Mahesh Patel

Movie Produced by : Kesar Bhavani Film Production

Star Cast of Power of Patel Movie : Sanjay Dave, Hardika Joshi (Dolly)

Budget : Rs 1 crore (Think to Spend this money on INDIANS, if you really Cares)

Click Here to see Trailer of Power of Patidar :

Power of Patidar Movie is based on Patel Anamat Andolan and focused on Hardik Patel’s Life before and after this kind of Andolan stuff. And Director of the movie wants to show who is behind Hardik and who is Hero and Who is Villain in this whole scenario.

Hardika Joshi

In this Movie Director try to show Hardik Patel’s Real Life also. Actress Hardika Joshi said that she is playing a role of A GIRL WHO IS IN LOVE WITH HARDIK PATEL BUT HARDIK IS NOT AWARE OF IT. (Please don’t Laugh).

This Movie is said to be a realistic movie but these kind HOPELESS of news or you can say PUBLICITY STUNT says that this movie will be Comedy one.


We are Just trying to say that think once before you act or support for some one. You Cannot destroy Our Garvi Gujarat.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Any Community…First Be the INDIAN

We are not in Against of any community. If we hurt anyone’s emissions that we are sorry.

– MAFFATCOM (Think for the Change)   

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