Microsoft Google Comcast LinkedIn Works Together For Creating Encrypted Email

All are regularly using email facility now. People are using email for their personal or work conversations or online shopping. Generally, the email is sent in plain text. The email is sent unencrypted around the internet using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). So we all are thinking that the emails are secure. The Internet Task Force (ITF) is currently attempting to remedy.

SMTP is too old. So hackers can hack your email easily. Hacker can intercept the email, telling sender’s browser that no SSL encryption is active. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) provides a secure link between browser and web server.

Secure Mail
Secure Mail

SMTP STARTTLS was invented to fix that many years ago, but it failed to be widely adopted and was full of flaws, like ultimately failing to ensure messages are truly encrypted. The Google, Yahoo, Comcast, Microsoft, LinkedIn and 1&1 Mail & Media Development’s engineers worked on 18th March 2016.

They proposed protecting against attacker who wants to intercept or modify email in transit by either impersonating the destination server or breaking SSL through various existing attacks. According to Google’s report, TLS encryption, which was developed and launched years ago, is already widely in use, with 83 percent of messages sent from Gmail and 70 percent of emails sent to it in the last year using this encryption.

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