Jai Gangaajal Movie Review 2016 : Priyanka Chopra’s Tough Cop Act

Priyanka Chopra starrer Jai Gangaajal movie is released recently. The best part about Jai Gangaajal movie is a surprise acting turn by Jha himself: as a corrupt-cop-with-a-latent-conscience, Jha looks as if he has been doing this all his life, so comfortable is he in front of the camera. “Jai Gangaajal” is an action drama film, which is a sequel of the 2003 crime film “Gangaajal”.

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Priyanka Chopra who is currently trending for her Oscar appearance and Baywatch movie on location pics, Priyanka Chopra comes off as dressed-for-the-part and mannered. You can see she’s trying hard, especially in some of the ‘action’ sequences in which she has to kick and punch and thrash, but she’s far too smooth for this part.

Starring Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jha and Manav Kaul in lead roles, Jai Gangaajal movie story is about a policewoman from today’s age. It revolves around SP Abha Mathur from a small district in Bihar and how she goes against the local MLA of the district. Everything else in this sequel of ‘Gangaajal’, which replaces the khaki-clad Ajay Devgn with Priyanka Chopra, and pouring acid in the eye with a hanging from the nearest tree/post/fan, falls strictly in the seen-before-category. Bankipur, a village over- run by greedy politicians, ‘bikey-huey-cops’, and self-serving locals, could be any Jha ‘gaon’ from his previous films.

The detailing is just a little different—an effeminate ‘chamcha’ (Sharma), a young girl refusing to give up her patch of land (Tamotia), a podgy baddie in colorful shirts but overall, this is Jha’s much-traversed universe, in which the lawless rule and the law is an ass, till the hero shows up to clean up the mess.

Jai Gangaajal Mvoie 2016
Jai Gangaajal Mvoie 2016

“Jai Gangaajal” has rich production values. Salim-Sulaiman’s music, Sachin Krishn’s cinematography, Prakash Jha’s script and punch dialogues and well-choreographed action scenes are the big attractions in the technical front, the viewers say in their verdict shared on Twitter.

Jai Gangaajal movie badly wants to shake its intended viewers out of their popcorn-induced stupor, and one of the weapons it employs is the deafening background score: the action sequences are accompanied by rousing songs bemoaning the lousy state of affairs.

Jai Gangaajal weakens plot-wise, tries to balance it out with performances yet fails to create the right impact. Jai Gangaajal releases on 4th March, 2016.

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