International Women’s Day 2016 : Google Doodle Video #OneDayIWill

Today, 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day worldwide. Every year various different kinds of celebration for Women’s day are held. Google is celebrating every special with special doodle image or video. This year, Google has uploaded Doodle video #OneDayIWill to celebrate the spirit of womanhood.

The doodle video features women and girls from across the globe talk about their aspirations with a sentence that completes ‘One Day I Will’. Google Homepage shows the Google logo surrounded by women and the second ‘O’ has been converted into a Play button. Once you hit on play, the video starts wherein women across the globe share their aspirations.

The International Women’s Day Doodle video shows toddlers to grandmothers from across the world, including cities such as San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Lagos, Moscow, Cairo, Berlin, London, Paris, Jakarta, Bangkok, New Delhi and Tokyo.

Google Doodle #OneDayIWill Video:

“So we gathered our cameras and pencils and visited 13 countries where we spoke to 337 women and girls and asked them to complete the sentence, “One day I will…,” says Google’s Doodle page.

The video shows women and girls talk about varied aspirations in their local language, be it something as simple as swimming with pigs in the Bahamas to giving a voice to those who can’t speak, and just about everything in between. You will also find Indian women from New Delhi reveal her aspirations of owning her own restaurant in the local Hindi language.  It also includes Malala Yousafzai, who talks about education for women by saying ‘One Day I will.. see every girl in school’.

This is not the first time when Google has celebrated this day differently. In 2014, Google had put up a video, giving a glimpse of women and girls from different countries and ages, across the world, wishing everyone International Women’s Day in their respective languages.

Happy International Women’s Day….


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