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Turkheda Village in Gujarat: Black and White Village of Vadodara District

Turkheda Village in Vadodara Gujarat
Written by Team Maffat

Turkheda is a small Village in Kawant Taluka in Vadodara District of Gujarat State, India. We are in now 21st Century but Turkheda village realize us that we are in 18th century as not a single person is educated. There is no way for entering in village.

Water problems are there. The School is in village but not a single teacher is there for teaching. Only state government is responsible for Turkheda’s this situation. Due to government’s carelessness, the village is very backward or undeveloped from other villages.

no Water Facilities in village

no Water Facilities in village

Turkheda’s people are not aware of all kind of facilities and development. The population of Turkheda is about 2000. There Only labors are live in this village. Even till today there is no one leader is come in village. They appears only at election time for vote. Then they forgot about this village.

Not a Single teacher in School

Not a Single teacher in School

The whole village is illiterate. The school is opened by government. Total 57 students are in this school. But teachers are not available from last one year. Villagers said that we want to teach our children but no teachers are available here.

Turkheda is a last village of Gujarat State which is located at the river bank of Narmada, then also villagers are wait for water. There is no well or bore in this Village. People have to go 4-5 km far for water. And It will take about 2 to 3 hours.

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