Student Demands Lifetime Supply of Kitkat Bars over Waferless Packs

A British law student demanded that Nestle Company give her a lifetime supply of KitKat bars after she bought eight packages, none of which contained the candy’s wafer portion. Saima Ahmad, a 20 – year – old law student from Enfield, London, wrote a letter to manufacturer of KitKat Chocolate, Nestlé after consuming eight Kit Kat bars that did not have the traditional wafer layers.

A student is demanding a lifetime supply of KitKats under the threat of legal action. She bought the multi – pack from a supermarket for £2 last month, and has now written to manufacturer Nestle claiming that they ignored their duty of care to consumers.

She said: ‘They go about advertising the unique concept of KitKat, but I’m so disappointed by what I have purchased. ‘I’m hoping they will apologize to me and in future focus more on quality of their product. ‘No one else in that industry has that unique concept about mixing the wafer with the chocolate and that’s why I’m a fan.’

In the letter, she claims that giving her a lifetime supply of the bars will allow her to act as ‘quality control’ for the company. She have researched this problem and she found that it wasn’t just a one off and it has happened quite a few times.

Student finds no waffers
Student finds no waffers

She hoped her demand will go higher than the customer service platform. Miss Ahmad is so fond of the chocolate bars that if the company offers her a lifetime supply, she insists she will still never get bored of them.

In her letter to Nestle, she wrote that the truth of the matter is; manufacturers owe a duty of care to consumers. The failure to take due care in the manufacturing process resulted in a product being defective.

She therefore requested a life – long supply of KitKat so that she can act as a means of quality control.

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