Sanjeev Kapoor Approached by The Indian Railway Ministry 2016

Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor is an Indian chef and entrepreneur. The Railway Ministry has been approached chef Sanjeev Kapoor to prepare the menu of food items that are served on Trains. He launched his “Food Food channel”, in January 2011.


Sanjeev Kapoor has decades of expertise in commercial food and beverage industry, is a household name in the country, which is why the Railways asked him to prepare the menu, said senior officials in the ministry.

Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor told in media that, “I won’t be able to reveal much, but yes as an Indian I’m glad to be able to help Indian Railways.” Sanjeev also mentioned how good quality can be maintained in lower price ans said that, “take for example gol gappas. They are tasty even though they are not expensive.”

So now suffering in train with double fun and joy. Because Sanjeev Kapoor’s menu will be available soon in train. And we can eat on train.

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