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Nana Patekar – A Birlliant Actor in Indian Cinema and Lives in Very Simple Lifestyle

Real Hero in Bollywood
Written by Team Maffat

Nana Patekar is one of the brilliant actors in Indian Cinema. Nana has been wonderly worked in Indian Cinema. A versatile actor Nana Patekar was born on 1st January 1951. Nana is a Indian actor, Writer and Filmmaker. He is an angry man in onscreen while in real, he is very simple and calm man. His real name is Vishwanath Patekar. Nana’s father was a small textile businessman and mother was a housewife.

A Brilliant Actor

A Brilliant Actor

An Actor, Writer-and Film Maker

An Actor, Writer-and Film Maker

Nana is a Very Simple Actor

Nana is a Very Simple Actor

Nana with his Mother

Nana with his Mother

Real Hero in Bollywood

Real Hero in Bollywood

True Hero Nana Helps to Farmers

True Hero Nana Helps to Farmers

Nana Patekar believes that Cinema is not tool for earn money but, an art form that he has mastered in. He is a very simple man because all celebrities are living a luxurious life while Nana preferes to live simple and an ordinary life. All his colleagues have a luxurious villa to live in but Nana stil lives in a 1BHK apartment.

Nana Patekar is common man. And he lives with her mother in this 1BHK appartment. He belives that the 1BHK falt is big enough for his family to stay in. Nana is not believe in spending too much money in luxurious villa.

Nana is only one man who came forward to help the farmers who were terribly hit by a natural calamity of drought. While all are giving sympathi on farmer’s situations. But Nana donated Rs. 15,000 per family. And there are almost 62 families of farmers who commited suicide.

Nana Patekar was not a rich man but his stardom today is only because of his dedication to work and hardwork. When he came down to Mumbai, he had responsibity to support his family. At that time, Nana had to resume to jobs like painting zebra crossing on the roads to earn his living. He used to do odd jobs to earn his bread and butter and one of them is his that of zebra crossing.

Nana Patekar is first actor in the Indian Film Industry to ask for rupees crore for a film. He is a original angry man of Bollywood. Nana Patekar had played a role of Pratap Chavhan in the movie “Prahhar : The Final Attack”, It is one of the most iconic roles of Nana. When Nana was a kid at that time his financial condition was not good. Because his father was duped by his partner following which they suffered financial crisis.

At that time Nana was in 9th standard and he decided to support his family. Then He used to paint movie posters then and earn a monthly salary of rupees 35. Nana was very naughty in his childhood.

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