Maha Shivratri 2016 Date Puja Muhurat : Importance of Shivaratri Festival

Shivaratri is the great festival of convergence of Shiva and Shakti. On this year, Maha Shivaratri will be on 7th March 2016, Monday. Shivaratri is known as the night of Lord Shiva. Mahashivratri is one of the greatest Hindu festival of Lord Shiva. People worships and honours Lord Shiva on the day of Mahashivratri. On the day of Mahashivratri, Lord Shiva married to Maa Parvati.

Maha Shivaratri 2016 Date:

7th March 2016, Monday

Special pujas are performed at Lord Shiva Temples and at a Home by people. After waking up early in the morning on Mahashivratri, the devotees of Lord Shiva would take a ceremonious bath, using warm water and seeds of black sesame. By bathing with the warm water, with few seeds of black sesame, the body is purified, It is a popular belief.

Importance of Mahashivratri
Importance of Mahashivratri

Maha Shivaratri 2016 Puja Time:

24:06+ to 24:56+ (49 mins)

After wearing new clothes, the devotees would smear bhashma (holy ash) on their forehead. One may worship Lord Shiva at home by offering Bilwa leaves to the deity and by chanting mantra – ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Apart from Bilwa leaves, flowers and garlands can also be offered to the deity.

The puja’s method is prescribe in Shiva Purana. So in many temples, the puja is conducted strictly according to this method, according to which, Shiva Linga should be given ceremonious bath and puja should conducted every three hours on Mahashivratri. Abhisheks is done using milk, yogurt, honey, ghee, sandalwood paste and rose water.

Each items defines its different meanings. Milk stands for piousness, Yogurt defines prosperity. Honey symbolize sweet speech while Ghee is used to represent victory. It is said that sugar symbolizes happiness while water is the symbol of purity.

After completion of Abhishek, the the Shiva Linga is adorned with a stalk of three Bilwa leaves, to mark the culmination of the previous ritual. Then apply vermilion (kumkum) on Shiva Linga. “Om Namah Shivaya” sounds add to festive mood in the temple. The air is filled with the aroma of incense sticks and dhoop. Shivaratri Puja can be performed one time or four times during the night.

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